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Original Paintings and Giclée Prints by artist Annie Horkan

Pink Buddha

Yesterday I finally finished the Pink Buddha. I...

Garden Goddess

One day last summer, my friends, Victoria and...

Frangipani Blessing

I have had this lovely Kuan Yin statue for many...

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Studio Bliss was created back in 1992 when the artist was living in her native home of Virginia. Annie discovered that her farm was at one time an area called Bliss, Virginia, and part of the Free State that offered refuge to escaping slaves. Thus her studio was named. Along the way, she would begin to integrate the spiritual connotation associated with bliss. Inspired by the late Joseph Campbell, the artist  adopted his words of wisdom to “follow your bliss” as her mantra for both living and painting.

The ability to paint beautiful works of art is a journey that can sometimes take a lifetime. Art is in the end all about growth. And a work of art is never the finish, but always the suggestion of more to come. It reveals the essence of its creator who is awake to living fully, and gently expressing the messages that speak to the soul. Art is the manifestation of a life lived deeply, both inside and out and a reflection of this depth.

The paintings of artist Annie Horkan speak to the quality of growth, and a passion for beauty. Her early work embodies a deep emotional connection to the simplicity and beauty found in daily life. Her media for these innocent, spontaneous and color filled expressions is acrylic on paper. Her works on paper reveal an ability to be joyfully present. But the artist’s later work becomes a testimony to another more complex side. The quality of her growth follows a combination of her born sensitivity to natural beauty and a visionary’s quest for truth and a lighter understanding. Whether she is embodying the artists way of temporal gaze in joyfully creating a floral vision of just cut flowers, or diving deep into an inner vision full of mystery, her paintings consistently present a remarkable use of color. She admits she is completely obsessed with color.

Visit the artist’s other art site at Floorcloths.com to find a fabulous collection of painted canvas rugs.

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Appalachian Landscapes • BajaBlue Visions • Floral • Interiors • Moon Roses • Southwest • Tribute to Venus • Tropical • Tuscany • Wild Horses

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